Monday, 2 August 2010

Gwen Stefani

Where has Gwen gone? She is such a hottie and she is now no where to be seen after having so much success.
I was watching her video the great escape today it was pretty awesome. I wonder what she is up these days?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Feeling really frumpy tonight. Went to a gig and met some girls a few years younger than me but they all looked fab and had great fashion sense.
I used to have a smokin' body if I must say myself bu then I put on some weight and it's gonna take a MAJOR effort to shift it. I keep saying this to myself but I really must do something soon, even if it's just to be healthy.

In fact I don't know why I am writing a blog about losing weight, how typically feminine!!! I should be happy with who I am, which I am most days but what I look like well I SHOULD be happy with that too, but emphasis on should.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Parisiene Dream

I love paris. I went there while I was still at school for a trip in year 11. I had a great time with some great friends. I have some good photos and we visited the Tour D'eiffel and Disney Land Paris :D two of my now favourite things.
The newest fashion fix that I'm hooked on is the Parisiene theme in shops now. I have the cutest eiffel tower earings and have just bought some stripey t-shirts and a black beret!!! I'm so excited.
I just love fashion, and I should be saving so I guess I must not buy any more clothes this month.
Ffff fashion baby...