Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Lady Gaga f f f fashion baby...

Just listening to Bad Romance by the Lady herself and although it's 4.30 am I find myself not wanting to go to bed yet so I had a browse on Google Images. Got me thinking, pieces like this make me think that catwalk fashion was made for Icons like Lady Gaga. Look how great she looks in this dress, as weird as it is. And I always think to myself before I buy any item of clothing, could I see myself walking down the street in this? How many of us that don't have 'amazing' bodies could say we would walk down the high street on a night out wearing this number? I WISH!

Anyway my name is moaning monica for a reason.... seriously what is with the la ra ga ga ooh la la bit, what's that all about? She sounds like a slurring Russian, rather scary. I really love the catchy chorus but am torn by the crappy little interludes.

First blog: DONE.

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  1. Funny how I hated this song at first but now I really like it. I blame my friend Mike. ;) x