Saturday, 1 January 2011

Pink Pop!

I bought a magazine yesterday, purely based on the fact that Lady Gaga now has pink hair, cool. She looks really good, edgy as she always is but sort of innocent at the same time.

I am also in love with Katy Perry offically. I have always loved her but since her "Teenage Dream" album and the video with her whipped cream boobs has turned me back on to her!! Sticking with the theme of hair colours her blue hair in that video is cool, but probably fake, on the other hand her hair in "Firework" seems more real with the streak of purpley lilac, amazing.

I'm still obsessed with vibrantly coloured hair and I think I will be for a while yet. I have had pink hair before but it was a reddy pink, I would prefer bubblegum pink!

I am still determined to go lilac at some stage in my life, it didn't work as planned the first time I tried it. I first spotted lilac hair in the film DOA, since then I have been trying to recreate what I saw.

I am also very impressed with how sexy Rhianna is looking with red her and love her video "Only Girl in the World". It's an amazing song which I love but the video is great too.

Hopefully the new year will be a chance to let my hair down and experiment again.

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